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About Us

Welcome to RGCanada! Here is the source of which Canadians can keep up-to-date information on all of the newest and most popular rhythm games around the world, and keep track of rhythm games related events happening all around Canada. In addition, RGCanada has a vibrant online community which welcomes any new or old players. This is an excellent place meet other people which you can discuss and share the common interest of rhythm games.


Commonly asked questions


Why was RGCanada established?

RGCanada was established for the purpose to bring players together (to those living in Canada) who have an interest in any type of rhythmic games. We offer players the opportunity to create communities to display information on their local machines for others to find and join in.


Who are the co-founders of RGCanada?

RGCanada was not created from one or two persons; rather it was created as a result of the formation of the several smaller online communities from all over Canada who express a commoninterest in rhythm games. Some of those communities can be found on the communities section of our website.


When was RGCanada first established?

RGCanada was established about 6 year ago in 2002. The site was originally called and consisted mainly of a forum where players would discuss the latest dance related games. In 2006, the name was later changed to to reflect the general interest of all rhythm games and not just dance games.


What type of Rhythm Games are covered on RGCanada?

We cover many of the popular rhythm games developed from Konami, Roxor, Red Octane and Activision. Below is a listing of rhythm games covered so far on RGCanada:

More rhythm games may be added in the near future.


RGCanada Staff Contacts:

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